Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions,  FAQ             

Question:  What type of drone will be used?

We operate a DJI Phantom 4, state of the art, reliable, High Resolution Photo and Up to 4K video capture UAS for ALL of
our projects.

Question:  Are you FAA licensed?

Yes.  Our operators, drone pilots, are FAA Part 107 licensed to fly.

Question: Do you have liability insurance?

Yes.  We use on demand liability insurance with $1,000,000.00 coverage from Verifly on our drone jobs.

Question:  In what areas do you fly?

We currently operate out of Port St Lucie Florida and can travel to a wide variety of locations FAA airspace permitting.
Contact us for long distance rates and policies.

Question: What is your turn-around time on projects?

Our turnaround time for photo images only is typically with 24 hours.  Video processing, depending on complexity can take
approximately 3 – 4 business days.

Question:  What is the distance and duration of your drones?

The UAS must remain within the Pilot in Command’s line of sight (LOS) at all times, and our height ceiling is 400 feet per FAA regulations.

Our drones are equipped with a failsafe return to landing protocol installed should they lose communication with the transmitter.

Our drones will fly approximately 25 minutes per battery charge.  This insures more than adequate time to complete most missions.

Question:  Can I contact you for a price quote or a question?

Yes, yes, yes.  By all means contact us for any questions that may remain unanswered in your mind.